About Melissa



Welcome to Melissa Wellness, a site where you’ll find information about your general Wellness.

I’m a Wellness Coach, ACTION Advanced Nutrition Certified & Precision Nutrition Level 1.

I’m also a wife, mother to two wonderful boys (Juan Diego or JD & Mateo) who are some of the most wonderful miracles that God has given me. I’m a successful case of PCOS-no-more thanks to a whole foods, balanced diet and exercise. My passions include music, food and cooking, salsa dancing and traditional Honduran food BALEADAS!

My goal is to help you achieve the best version of yourself, guiding you to become whatever God has chosen you to be, with healthy eating habits, exercise and activity-prone and a mind free from anxiety and focused on peace. I’m just an instrument or vessel used by God to fulfill His purposes within you. My hope is you find this blog full of valuable information that may help you reach whatever goal you have set out.

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