Active Mom of the Month

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Welcome to my inspiration board! 

Does it look different than the Pinterest Inspiration Boards you’re used to? Well, yes, a little. 

My inspiration usually comes biographically. Meaning, I like to draw inspiration from real, authentic, day-to-day people that have amazing lives. 

This section is called Active Mom of the Month because I find most of my clients struggle with finding time to take care of themselves, as they are super busy caring for others. The moms featured in this section are amazing human beings that have figured out in their UNIQUE scenarios how to become active and add self-care to their already busy routines. Some of them have one kiddo, others have 3 or more. Some of them stay at home, teach at home, work from home, and some work outside the home and then work at home. Whichever one you identify with, I hope that you find some inspiration, guidance and are impacted by their testimony in some way. 

I’d also like to disclose that this is a FREE section. I do not use this as marketing of any kind and I do not postulate moms myself. These moms get nominated by someone else and we choose the best-fitting candidate for the month we’re featuring. So, if you’d like to go ahead and nominate someone, just submit your nomination in the link below!

P.S. Since the title of this section is Active MOM of the Month, your candidate must be a mom.